Lil B, The Based God’s Scripture: Turning Negative to Positive

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Brandon McCartney has multiple names and most people know him as Lil B and The Based God. This is his most famous song. Where I’m from, this is played regularly on the radio.

Okay, so his songs might not be that great but listen to what he has to say off of the mic. You might be surprised that the things he has to say are valid and relatable.

I do find him a little humorous. But I like what he says about finding yourself. McCartney uses “based” as an ideology. He explains that based means being positive, doing what you want to do, and just being yourself.

In the interview with Complex he says, “People used to make fun of me. They was like, ‘You’re based.’ They’d use it as a negative. And what I did was turn that negative into a positive. I started embracing it like, ‘Yeah, I’m based.’ I made it mine. I embedded it in my head. Based is positive.”

His message is to make something of yourself. As long as you know what you’re passionate about, no one can stop you from being you. Don’t be afraid to be different. We can all pull a little from what he says about doing what you want because you are free. There’s noting stopping you. I totally believe in that.

Did you catch it when he said he had 125 Myspace pages? That’s absurd. The way McCartney became famous is through his extreme multimedia productions. He has released roughly 3,000 songs for free on the Internet in the past three years, dozens of original videos on his YouTube page, a motivational book (“Takin’ Over”), and, of course, a raucous Twitter feed. Based God is a catchphrase and a meme referring to McCartney now.

From a distance it would be easy to mistake him for an eccentric hiccup in the long line of in-the-moment pop rappers, but further inspection reveals a considerably more complex artist, one whose body of work look less like a musical catalog than a broad conceptual cross-media art project.

Last week McCartney stood on stage at NYU as he proclaimed his 80-minute, unscripted lecture about love and looking at people like “golden, million-dollar babies.” This is where he gained my respect because you have to know who you really are to be succesful in your own life. You have to know what you stand for. He’s has a solid foundation and it comes from his equally shared respect for all. Understanding what you know and love most is your first step. Then you can execute your idea and expand even more.

By breaking boudaries as a “rapper” he hopes to show people that it’s okay to be yourself and to continue to love and accept yourself. McCartney admits that when he was younger he was the product of his environment because of the media. As he grew older through time and love he eased up and stopped giving negative things so much power.

He is trying to set a tone for younger generations because the reason why he works everyday and the reason why he loves so much is to share the message for people to no longer, as hard as it is, to not judge someone for the way they look but from their heart, actions, positivity, and how much they put out there.

Sharing love and compassion for others is a proper step into having self respect. He stresses the importance of commonality when he says, “We all got problems too, real talk. We all can have something that we can relate to. Make sure you can relate and have a common.” It’s a simple concept, yet sometimes we forget that we are just like our peers. He advocates to appreciate every single

“Read the books, too, but experience your own. It’s crazy.” You must educate yourself and obtain knowledge constantly.

“Man, I’m pro-caring. That’s a big thing we should bring back. Let’s bring back caring about each other, honestly, genuinely.” How can you not love this?

“I go to sleep and I’m so happy. You know why? I know I’m living what I’m talking about.” DO IT!

“I’m around my business different. It’s business, but do what you love. If you want to do something out of love and the spirit, do something because your heart tells you that.” Do what you love.

The things to take away from The Based God:
Be curious
Know what’s out there
Be open-minded
Brand yourself
Use the abundant resources out there to be known
Be yourself and take risks
Create a message that you want others to know about you
And have love and respect for all
You can learn and be inspired by anyone

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